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     Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

     Dancers: Vanessa Justice and Kelly Garone

     Venue: Riverside Park South, NYC. Sept 21 & 22 5PM.

Using the number 10,000 as a coincidental link between obscure facts in history, this dance assembles aspects of past and present to materialize an alternate portrayal of current anxieties, contradictions, and privileges in America. The work originated from the desire to process problems of the day through embodied, creative action--and to search for and acknowledge past conditions that have influenced where we are today. 

Artist’s Note: I embrace that this Summer on the Hudson event occurs one day following the Global Climate Strike and one month before Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 



Sky Ambit


  Score created and performed by Vanessa Justice

     Venue: “Dance on the Hudson” at Riverside Park South, New York City

     Commissioned by Riverside Park Conservancy


An improvised, site-specific dance that opens a dialogue between the performer’s rhythm of the breath, and the negative space within her and within the immediate environment. Conceived while witnessing the haze caused by recent wildfires, the dance honors the air and the sky. It is a study of the perception of space, the interoception of the breath, and the playful interaction between different pathways of sensory information.



Turning and Other Everyday Objects 


    Dancers: Bates College Dance Students (16 dancers)

    Venue: Schaeffer Theater, Lewiston, Maine

    Length: 10 minutes

    Music: “Knee Play 5” from Einstein on the Beach (Philip Glass)

    Commissioned by Bates College


Created as a kind of homage to the analytic, post-modern choreographers of the early 1970's, the piece explores subtle connections of the dancers’ physical architecture in relationship to gravity and space. (Dance historian, Sally Banes, describes the experimental dance emerging in New York City during the early 1970’s as “analytic post-modern dance,” with Trisha Brown and Lucinda Childs as key artists in this movement. This work was developed as a kind of homage to these choreographers, but does not intend to imitate but simply embrace, deflect, and question the values displayed by them, while staying true to my own choreographic methods.)



The Relational Body Project, Installation 4 


     Dancers: Long Island University Dance Majors (Sasha Bowman, Aja Carthon, Elizabeth Juarez,  Janeysi Morel, Timothy Muniz, David Myrie)

     Music: "Take It to the Max" by Dan Deacon, “Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks

     Lighting: Tim Cryan

     Venue: Kumble Theater, Brooklyn, Dec 4-5

     Length: 9 minutes

     Commissioned by Long Island University

The Relational Body Project, Installation 3

  Performers: Kendra Portier, Marion Spencer, Jasmine Hearn, Vanessa Justice

      Venue: “Dance on the Hudson” at Riverside Park South, New York City

     Length: 10 minutes

     Commissioned by Riverside Park Conservancy

     Live Music: Lucy Horton

     Sept 19-20

The Relational Body Project, Installation 2

  Various pedestrian locations in NYC: Union Square subway passage, The Highline,  outside the Whitney Museum, etc.

     July 28-30 

     Performers: Kendra Portier and Lily Ockwell

     Assistant: Marion Spencer

The Relational Body Project absorbs conversations overheard in NYC (primarily on the subway) and transforms them into songs and dances injected back within the pedestrian spaces of the city. The intent? To create a connection to "otherness," to energize public spaces, to contemplate our contemporary condition through a myriad of overheard conversations, to embrace difference, to transform fleeting soundbites into art, to witness others as important, to nurture the relational body.


The Relational Body Project (Research Phase)

  Movement Research at The Judson Church

     May 4 2015 

     Performers: Vanessa Justice, Lily Ockwell, Kendra Portier




Dancing the Edits (multichannel dance-based video)


  Installed at New Museum

     December 17, 2014-February 15, 2015

     Performers in video: Lily Ockwell and Kendra Portier 


Dancing the Edits (multichannel dance-based video)


  Installed at Trouw, Amsterdam

     November 6-December 3, 2014

     Performers in video: Lily Ockwell and Kendra Portier


New Museum/Trouw Amsterdam MovingImage Installation Party


 New Museum

    November 6 2014 3PM-9PM

    Performers: Lily Ockwell and Kendra Portier

    Multiple live performances plus live-streaming of events between the party at  New Museum and the party at Trouw, Amsterdam

    venue website:

Residency at The New Museum


  September 8-14, The New Museum NYC

     AUNTSforcamera Residency at New Museum to create a multichannel dance video project.



Hiatus from making new work while caring for baby daughter.



Studio Series: New York Live Arts


  NEW YORK LIVE ARTS presents Vanessa Justice
   in two Studio Series work-in-process showings
   May 4-5 at 6:00PM

   The Relational Body Project, Installation 1


For the Studio Series, Justice is inspired by vibration and the conductivity of the tissues of the body. She explores the everyday experience of sensory impressions combined with thoughts, emotions, and energy to collectively constitute the contents of consciousness. She sets up a framework for internal and external sources of movement to coexist, and explores the expressive potential of performance in close proximity to the audience. Performers include Talya Epstein, Lily Ockwell, Kendra Portier, Devika Wickremesinghe, and contemporary artist Janine Antoni. There will also be a showing of an interactive video installation created in collaboration with Rachel Boggia.



Sweet Empty (premiere)

   San Diego State University Don Powell Theater

   March 21 2012

   Also performed in SDSU Studio Theater on May 4, 5, 6  2012



Conversation on Dance and Consciousness

 October 7 2011

   Gibney Dance Center, NYC

Developed and moderated by Vanessa Justice as part of Movement Research's Studies Project Series. Panelists include Michelle Boule, philosopher Alva Noe, and Daria Fain.


Guest Artist at San Diego State University

   September 2011

C'est une tasse rouge (This is a red cup)

 Score/video/performance by Vanessa Justice

   Live vocals/looping by Kristin Page Stuart

   Dixon Place, NYC

   May 31 2011


Work-in-progress, Movement Research at Judson Church

 Judson Church, NYC

   May 2 2011

   Vocals and live looping: Kristin Page Stuart



stranger (live improvisation)

  Long Island University Faculty Dance Concert, October 15 2010 8PM


am big ambiguous

 Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn

   Saturday September 25 8PM 2010

am big ambiguous explores the body as subject and object, self and other, pleasure and pain, and as a radical ambiguity in the context of contemporary philosophy and culture.

Choreographed/performed by Vanessa Justice made in collaboration with sound designer Nick Patterson and dance/video artist Rachel Boggia. Vanessa was in dialog with philosopher Richard Shusterman (author of Body Consciousness) during the making of the work.


"There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing dance that surprises me. It is rare. (Vanessa) traversed character and territory in incredibly original, transformative ways while staying true to the idea of the work. So refreshing to STILL be pondering the piece!

-Abby Bender, Executive Director of Trisklelion Arts


FLATLAND   (tour)

 San Diego State University - Studio Theater, San Diego, CA

   Friday-Saturday, April 16-17,  2010 8:00pm

   Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

   Performed by Maggie Bennett, Kendra Portier, Alli Ruszkowsk)

   Tickets - call (619) 594-1017


It's Spring! (an improvisational study)

 Movement Research at Judson Church, NYC

 March 15, 8:00pm

 Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

 Performed by Vanessa Justice


Excerpts of FLATLAND




APAP (Association of Performing Arts Presenters) Showcase 2010 at Joyce SoHo, NYC


 Sunday, January 10, 11:00am

   Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

   Performed by Maggie Bennett, Kendra Portier, Alli Ruszkowski

   Reservations Required - call (646) 792-8373


FLATLAND   World Premiere

 Joyce SoHo, NYC (155 Mercer St., between Houston & Prince)

 Thursday-Saturday, October 15-17, 8:00pm, Sunday, October 18, 3:00pm

   (post-performance Q&A with Susan Rethorst after Friday's show)


FLATLAND Benefit Party Featuring live music, dance, silent auction, raffle, food.

  $10 cover, all are welcome! Red Horse Cafe, Park Slope, Brooklyn

  Thursday, September 24, 8:00-11:30pm ,

  Thank you to everyone who donated talent, food, art & prizes to the party - and to all who attended!


Dance Talks at Joyce SoHo Open Rehearsal - VANESSA JUSTICE DANCE

  RSVP required: 646-792-8377

  Thursday, July 30, 2009 4:15-6:00pm

FLATLAND (short version)

  A.W.A.R.D Show! (Artists with Audience Responding to Dance)

  Joyce Soho, NYC Thursday, June 18, 7:00pm **

  limited tickets go on sale 12:00 noon Friday, May 15 - call Ovation Tickets at 212-352-3101

  Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

  Performed by Maggie Bennett, Kendra Portier, Alli Ruszkowski

Expulsion (video installation with Anita Glesta)

  Five Myles, NYC

  March 29 - May 3 Video installation by Anita Glesta

  Choreographed and performed by Vanessa Justice

Work-in-Progress (excerpt) Movement Research at Judson Memorial Church NYC


 Monday, February 9, 8:00pm

  Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

  Performed by Maggie Bennett, Kendra Portier, Alli Ruszkowski

FLATLAND (excerpt) 2009 APAP

(Association of Performing Arts Presenters) Showcases

 Dance New Amsterdam, NYC  

 Sunday, January 11, 6:20pm, 9:50pm

 Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

 Performed by Maggie Bennett, Kendra Portier, Alli Ruszkowski


Artist in Residence, Liguria Center, Italy

Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship

November 17 - December 15 2008



Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut

Friday-Saturday, October 31-November 1, 2008 at 8:00pm

Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

Performed by Rachel Boggia

my copy world

Choreographed by Vanessa Justice, performed by The Bodhi Company

December 7, 2008

Warsaw, Poland

my copy world (world premiere)

The Republic Theater Salzburg, Austria.

Saturday-Sunday, October 25-26, 8:00pm

Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

Performed by the Company at SEAD (the Bodhi Company)

FLATLAND (Work-in-Progress)


SEAD, Salzburg, Austria


Sunday, September 21, 8:00pm 2008

Choreographed by Vanessa Justice Performed by Maggie Bennett, Kendra Portier, Alli Ruszkowski

Artist in Residence at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance)

Salzburg, Austria

August 25-September 21 2008


Dance Theater Workshop Studio, NYC

Movement Research Open Performance Series

Tuesday, June 3, 7:00pm 2008

Choreographed/Performed by Vanessa Justice

Still Point (premiere)

Judson Memorial Church, NYC

As part of the city-wide celebration of Gandhi and Satyagraha

Sunday, April 27, 2008 during 11:00am service

Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

Performed by Vanessa Justice
Noise'sNoise (premiere)

Dance New Amsterdam NYC

DNA Presents: OB.ject.ob.JECT

Thursday, April 17-Saturday, April 19, 8:00pm Sunday, April 20, at 3:00pm

Choreographed by Vanessa Justice

Performed by Yari Alcaraz, Maggie Bennett, Kristin Hapke, Vanessa Justice, Kendra Portier, Alli Ruszkowski




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